Communication and Data Systems has always been the center of operations for any organization. The dependence of these systems has created a consistent, growing demand for expertise in developing power support systems designed to meet the extraordinary levels of reliability that is imperative to today’s organizations.

Peak Energy Systems specializes in the installation and maintenance of emergency backup power support systems. From DC power plants and UPS systems and batteries, PES continues to lead the way through innovation and technology. Browse our website and discover the benefits Peak Energy Systems can bring to your organization.

Are your communication and data systems prepared for the unexpected?

How will your UPS system hold up?

Is your company’s support power adequate to sustain it through protracted outages? Is your support system, particularly the battery—the heart of the system—expertly maintained? Do your maintenance personnel, whether in-house or contracted, know the subtle signs of impending trouble?
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Importance of load testing

Load testing is also an important diagnostic tool for battery maintenance. It is used to project capital expenditures and determine the actual capacity and proper equipment function.  Load testing should be performed within two years of installation, and every five years thereafter.
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